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Comprehensive suite of best-of-class IT solutions and support services

DSD Laboratories has technical and functional subject matter experts that support numerous DoD and Federal agencies by providing engineering, technical, and functional support for system integration, system engineering, system and database administration, web/portal development, application and system development, software, hardware, and network engineering, Tiers 1 through 3 helpdesk, computer and network operations, computer room management, and enterprise software license management.

DSD provides support to numerous systems across a broad spectrum of functional capabilities – logistics, force protection, medical, financial, chaplain corps — and understands that each community will have unique requirements – disparate geographic location of users, sensitive data, low bandwidth requirements, large file processing, etc. DSD meets these diverse needs through a best of breed blended approach and well tested tactics, techniques and procedures.

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DSD Talent Space

DSD has systems and security engineers to support system and network integration and component through user acceptance and operational testing. DSD applies System Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 and International Standard Organization 9001-2014 processes and principles for product lifecycle and contract management.

Our engineers are experts in using the V-Model as our over-all engineering process. As a result, our personnel have an unparalleled depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in system engineering, software and hardware engineering, and interface protocols as well as the functional expertise to understand customer requirements.
Because every effort has its own challenges, DSD acquires, trains and equips personnel to be adept at identifying issues, problem solving and risk mitigation to overcome system and/or hosting environment idiosyncrasies.

From a hand held device to supercomputers, DSD has the engineering expertise to meet a wide range of computing needs. With DSD’s approach and expertise, our personnel provide:

  • Design patterns that produce reusable, object-oriented code
  • Automatic creation of objects based on data models
  • Mature System Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 and International Standard Organization 9001-2014 processes
  • High quality monitoring and fine tuning of network operations
  • Rapid recognition and remediation of network bottlenecks
  • Expertise in new database installation, data structures, workflows, and access optimization
  • Experts in Database Performance Management, Maintenance, Tuning and Security, Process Improvement, Problem Solving, Technical Information presentation with a Quality Focus
  • Functional subject matter expertise to provide tailored Level 1 through 3 helpdesk support

As a result of these tools, techniques and methodologies, organizations can:

  • Avoid costly development re-work and lower risks through the use of industry standards and best practices
  • Enable ground-breaking data models and integration approaches sought after by partner na-tions, DoD services, and industry
  • Creates Open System Solutions that provide our customers maximum flexibility

Key Differentiators

  • ITIL
  • Microsoft (MTA, MCSA, MCSE)
  • Java
  • Oracle

Past Performance

AFWADSD provides technical expertise and performs Remedy system database management support, virtual system environment support, SharePoint workflow integration, software testing and software engineering within AFWA and throughout the AF Weather function; including acquisition and program management, engineering, system design, installation, testing, and sustainment.

AFWA Remedy, Database & Virtual System Support
# FA877112D1005 6U01
NAICS/PSC: 541511 / D399
Contact: Mr. David George

DSD supports the development and sustainment of capabilities for the Material Supply Division Information System (MSDIS) to include support for data and metadata capture required for supply chain analysis. DSD performs ad hoc studies and projects such as developing a workload balancing model to allocate item manager workload more efficiently.

Information System Service Support (IS3) and Analysis (IS3-A)
# GS-06F-0619Z (Alliant)
NAICS/PSC: 541512 / B599
Contact: Mr. David George

DSD provides specialized support to Air and Space Operations Center (AOC) Theater Battle Management Control System; augmenting and enhancing operations at 601st AOC (AFNORTH) such as systems administration and training and mentorship. DSD implements an innovative preventive maintenance program that assesses the system operational health and status; assessing maximum versus actual load requirements, CPU usage, storage capacities, and throughput response times.

Theater Battle Management Control System (TBMCS) Support, Air Forces Northern Command
# FA877112D1005 5V02
NAICS / PSC: 541511 / D301
Contact: Mr. David George

DSD provides a broad range of services to support and standardize operations at the PRS and other PRS operating locations. Services included program management, systems engineering & integration support, and operation & maintenance of management information systems, including database management.

AFRL Phillips Research Site CIO IT Support Services
# GS06F0619Z
NAICS / PSC: 541512 / R425
Contact: Mr. David George