About DSD Laboratories

DSD offers today’s industry a comprehensive portfolio of best-of-class high-end information systems solutions and support services.

​Founded in 1978 by Bart G. Guerreri , DSD is a registered, woman owned small business that has successfully focused on the use of information technology to satisfy our customer’s requirements. With the tremendous growth in the use of information technology as a force enabler to practically every facet of industry, DSD has kept current with the growth of the information technology industry while also developing our expertise in the areas of information security, business process re-engineering, and knowledge management, all of which are enabling technologies that are required to satisfy current day information technology issues.

Since 1978, DSD has proven itself to be a dynamic and vibrant company by providing leading edge information services to federal, state government, and commercial customers.


Recognized throughout the industry for being:

• A company that is uniquely scalable – that is designed to grow with technology to meet the changing needs of both established and emerging technologies.

• A company that has kept focused for over 40 years and has grown its capabilities and
reputation for providing high-end information technology solutions.

• A company that has an excellent mix of experienced, senior-level managers with aggressive, skilled technical specialists who focus on customer satisfaction.

• A company that has employees with years of experience in management, research, engineering and marketing of leading edge information system solutions.

• A company that takes pride in maintaining a high staff retention rate and providing stability to clients who know we will be there when they need us and will provide solutions with a rapid return on investment.