Big Data / Decision Support Analytics

Catapult decision making, decision quality and strategic agility by exploiting Big Data with DSD

For well over a decade, organizations have invested in a variety of business and IT initiatives that strive to improve decision-making and drive improvements across business processes. These efforts frequently fall short of intentions for a number of reasons — data quality, legacy data, use of non-authoritative sources, conflicting business rules, overwhelming volume of information, improper resources/skill sets, improper technological architecture and overall data mismanagement; as a result, decision-makers must act upon untimely, conflicting, and often erroneous data. In addition, pressures abound for organizations to make smarter, faster decisions.

Big Data

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DSD Talent Space

DSD’s approach to big data and decision support analytics provides that competitive edge that enables organizations to gain critical insight into current and projected operations and processes. Data leveraging is more than collecting and storing data; it includes identifying and using the right data. It requires cross-functional collaboration and the ability to adapt to changes efficiently.

DSD’s experience with the depth and breadth of decision support analytics and big data challenges enables us to provide realistic plans to delivering valuable
capabilities, such as:

    • Strategic and operational dashboards and scorecards with standardized management metrics to monitor activities and outcomes against the Strategic Plan’s goals and objectives
    • Common operating pictures that present situational awareness capability for effective decision-making, rapid staff actions, and appropriate mission execution
    • Key performance indicators created to ev
    • aluate factors that are crucial to strategic, tactical and operational performance
    • Predictive analytics to identify patterns in historical data, develop usage profiles, and provide models to predict future potential outcomes
    • Machine learning innovations that apply advanced software techniques to perform automatic pattern recognition without expensive custom coding

DSD’ personnel have expertise that cross multiple dimensions of big data and decision support analytics problem space — data strategy and management, business process improvement and change management, project management, as well as business intelligence expertise (metrics, analytics, the 4 V’s of Big Data, etc.). With DSD’s approach and expertise, our personnel provide:

  • Elicitation tools to define and prioritize requirements clearly
  • Repeatable process integration, reduced costs, schedules, defects, and re-work
  • Exploitation and innovative use of best-in-breed business intelligence COTS products
  • Reusable tools and techniques to identify, define and deliver capabilities integrated with business processes

As a result of these tools, techniques and methodologies, organizations can:

  • Make decisions based on timely, quality, and reliable data
  • Spend less time data mining and more time on managing the mission, operations, strategies
  • Experience integrated, interoperable, and sustainable IT solutions
  • Create strategic agility, drive interoperability and foster innovation across operations
  • Increase ROI on decision support analytics
  • Obtain more control to exploit and re-use data, analytics, metrics, dashboards, etc.

Key Differentiators

  • PMP
  • Six Sigma (Green, Black Belts)
  • AIM
  • AFSO 21
  • EA

Past Performance

DSD supports the development and sustainment of capabilities for the Material Supply Division Information System (MSDIS). DSD standardizes, automates and innovates reporting and analysis for the Supply Chain Management function; for example, analyzing raw backorder data to derive more accurate supply drivers, working across teams to perform root cause analysis, and implementing error detection and correction techniques to improve decision support data.

Information System Service Support (IS3) and Analysis
# GS-06F-0619Z (Alliant)
NAICS/PSC: 541512 / B599
Contact: Mr. David George

MOBISDecision Support Analytics

DSD provided the Headquarters Air Force Directorate of System Integration with a full suite of management consulting and Information Technology (IT) capabilities. DSD successfully planned, managed, executed, and deployed 18 critical logistics business intelligence capabilities, providing worldwide users enterprise-level tools that presented timely, accurate and reliable metrics and mission-critical information. DSD consolidated data from 30+ authoritative data sources and standardized business rules.

MOBISCommon Operating Pictures

DSD guided 17 major threads through cross-organizational (and cross-Service) requirements sessions and distilled them to a set of common features for rapid development through reuse of existing designs within the PACAF/A4 LOGCOP. DSD applied knowledge of web services and other interfaces to analyze, propose and establish interim cross domain solutions for NIPRnet/SIPRnet file transfers, based on analysis of originating system capabilities.

HQ AF/A4 Integration & Logistics Management and Mission Support
# GS-10F-0319K
NAICS / PSC: 541611 / R408
Contact: Mr. Jeff Hotmar


Air Force Sustainment CenterDSD provides support to 2800 AFMC Supply Chain Managers through the development and sustainment of PRPS capabilities; automating requirements definition through advanced supply requirement computations, gathering all applicable logistics and engineering data needed to execute spares buy and repair procurement actions.

Purchase Request Process System (PRPS)
# FA877112D1005 SC06
NAICS/PSC: 541330 / D310
Contact: Mr. David George