Data Management

Available, trusted, and timely data are the fuel for operations;

DSD raises the octane to new heights

Data is the lifeblood of organizations, characterized as the Hidden Enabler, because it is frequently overlooked or not understood. Most organizations fall behind in instituting effective data management strategies. Poor data quality, redundant data, and lost data can cost organizations 15-25 percent of their operating budget.

Data Management

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Data Lifecycle ManagementThe intrinsic nature of data is that it is at the core of every decision made. DSD specializes in the lifecycle management of data and treating data as an important asset of an organization that when properly managed will realize cost and schedule savings with many operational efficiencies. It is impera-tive to have trusted, reliable, and timely data and DSD makes that happen.
DSD’s approach places emphasis on building a solid foundation for data management execution through the development of a well thought out data management strategy and establishing data management governance.  DSD tailors best-of-breed practices to the needs of the organization and applies expertise built upon years of working with organizations to enhance, augment, and exploit their data as a valuable decision-supporting asset of the organization.
 DSD’s experience with depth and breadth of data management, from developing and implementing data management strategy to tactics execution, enables us to provide tools and techniques for stellar data management that:
  • Develops strategy that outlines the customer’s mission to achieve faster and greater information sharing and interoperability with industry, agency, and organizational partners
  • Creates criteria and procedures for identifying authoritative data, evaluating data exchanges, and assessing standards compliance to improve interoperability and integrity of their data
  • Establishes tools and techniques for assessing data exchanges for compliance, identifying duplicative interfaces, monitoring data quality, etc.
  • Augments software development lifecycles to engineer data quality into early design phases and integrate data quality throughout software development phases
  • Empowers collaboration between architects, developers, and DBAs to shorten development times, simplify upgrades and modernizations, and achieve service level targets

DSD personnel have experience across multiple disciplines to provide a comprehensive set of solutions for improving data management practices — data strategy and management, data architecture modelling, analyzing data structures, implementing data quality verification, exposing and registering data for discovery and exploitation, and establishing data cleansing processes. Between DSD’s innovative approach and highly skilled personnel, organizations can:

  • Achieve shorter development times (less re-work) and accommodate new initiatives without expanding infrastructure
  • Lower cost of development through reuse of existing data structures and services
  • Improve operational facts, analytics and decision making capabilities, accessible to all authorized users in an accurate, timely, trusted manner (fit for use)
  • Enhance data supporting comprehensive strategic, tactical, and operational views
  • Integrate information logically without having to make physical data stores available
  • Establish streamlined, structured management supporting corporate requirements
  • Support business productivity gains through automated and simplified data management
  • Establish a governance framework that develops a culture to manage data as a corporate asset

Key Differentiators

  • Semantic Web Technology
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Scrum Fundamentals
  • Data Governance
  • Project Management Pro-fessional
  • Six Sigma (Green, Black Belts)
  • Enterprise Architecture

Past Performance

DSD supports the development and sustainment of capabilities for the Material Supply Division Information System (MSDIS) to include support for data and metadata capture required for supply chain analysis. DSD applies methodical, streamlined processes supporting data analytics and data acquisition which provides customers with information dominance for timely and accurate decision making and resource allocations.

Information System Service Support (IS3) and Analysis
# GS-06F-0619Z (Alliant)
NAICS/PSC: 541512 / B599
Contact: Mr. David George

MOBISData Management and Strategy

DSD provides a full suite of management consulting and Information Technology (IT) capabilities to include a comprehensive data management strategy and concept of operations to bond information management practices with the AF and DoD information strategies.

DSD provided the Headquarters Air Force Directorate of System Integration with a full suite of management consulting and IT capabilities to include developing and implementing enterprise repeatable process to coordinate and designate authoritative data and their sources. This process was modeled by other AF domains and is being evaluated by SAF/A6-CIO for the Air Force Data Panel.

DSD provided the Headquarters Air Force Logistics Chief Information Office Support Division with comprehensive enterprise wide governance to streamline data architecture supporting interoperability and improved capability implementations. This entails streamlined processes to identify, evaluate, coordinate, approve, and register data standards supporting both AF and DoD activities.

HQ AF/A4 Integration & Logistics Management and Mission Support
# GS-10F-0319K
NAICS / PSC: 541611 / R408
Contact: Mr. Jeff Hotmar