IT Portfolio & Project Management

Evolve and mature your IT portfolio & project management to an innovative, agile IT environment

IT portfolio management is a central element of good IT investment management, and DSD’s techniques and expertise tailor risk based approaches to select and manage IT projects, integrating business and IT planning, budgeting, standards, processes, governance, and strategy.  Coupled with DSD’s superior project management, organizations ensure each initiative establishes, maintains and achieves its intended objectives within cost, schedule, technical and performance baselines.

IT Portfolio and Project Management

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Many organizations today experience sub-optimized decision-making for their IT investments and mission support; maturing beyond Level 1 or 2 involves significant foresight, planning and creative integration of available resources.
DSD’s approach links strategies and fosters prioritization based on performance measures and system health, providing CIOs with security and modernization risk indicators to manage their portfolios effectively. With the innovative DSD approach to IT Portfolio Management, organizations can:
  • Reduce IT duplication
  • Achieve tighter integration and interoperability
  • Align investments to strategy
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DSD’s IT portfolio management provides standard tools and methods for managing transformational CPI, and IT initiatives in an integrated fashion aligned to business roadmaps and strategic plans. DSD tools include but are not limited to:

  • System health scorecards assess and forecast technical, compliance, and programmatic risks
  • Retirement scorecards merge strategies and objectives with system health to plan decommissions proactively to make way for new, modernized and more efficient capabilities
  • Strategic alignment and key performance indicators measure an IT portfolio’s ability to achieve goals and maintain operations
  • Value vs. health heat maps support application rationalization, enabling the reduction of duplicative IT capabilities
While DSD’s tools and techniques in portfolio management focus attention and guide results at the aggregate level, DSD’s rigorous techniques and extensive expertise in project management enable successful achievement of goals and strategies. Application of DSD’s techniques enable organizations to:
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness in delivering capabilities successfullyITPPM
  • Strategic alignment of efforts is understood, measurable
  • Clear functional impacts and return on investment (ROI)
  • Projects and initiatives clearly linked to compliance and other mandates
  • Methods to weigh financial, functional, strategic, compliance, technical and security factors in place
DSD blends and tailors best-of-breed industry practices, applying our extensive experience to turn concepts and undefined problems into actionable and implementable plans with on-target results. DSD leverages the following (and many other) industry practices to design, implement and operationalize IT project management:
  • PMI – traditional and agile project management
  • Six Sigma – to refine requirements and get to the heart of problems needing an IT solution
  • Client specific processes (Air Force SEP, AFSO21, etc.)
This rich comprehensive suite of offerings – from tailored methodologies to practical, reusable tools and templates – is why 80% of DSD’s customers are repeat customers. DSD is their customer of choice – let us be yours!

Key Differentiators

  • Exceptional Contractor Performance Assessment Reports (CPARs)
  • High staff retention rate, providing stability to clients
  • Recognized throughout the industry as a company that is uniquely scalable — an agile responsive small business with  large company delivery capability
  • Superb information technology company with outstanding qualifications

Past Performance

Portfolio Management
DSD provides the Headquarters Air Force Directorate of System Integration with a full suite of management consulting and IT capabilities to reinvigorate and evolve A4/7 Portfolio Management, develop the IT Roadmap, establish portfolio health and risk assessment methodologies, support compliance mandates, and ensure alignment to and support for the Enterprise Logistics Strategy (ELS) and critical capability initiatives.

Project Management: Logistics, Installations, and Mission Support—Enterprise View (LIMS-EV)
DSD successfully planned, managed, executed, tested, and deployed 18 critical logistics business intelligence capabilities, providing worldwide users enterprise-level tools that presented timely, accurate and reliable metrics and mission-critical information. DSD provided best-in-class project management to oversee cost and schedule performance, tailored risk management tools and techniques to proactively identify, manage and reduce risk, and ensured capabilities met customer requirements and priorities.

Project Management: Nuclear Weapons Related Material (NWRM)
DSD tackled the enormous enterprise complexities of the Congressionally mandated and Chief of Staff of the Air Force’s #1 priority, managing the multiple threads of the LIMS-EV NWRM Positive Inventory Control project and delivering end-to-end, airtight, holistic visibility of all NWRM assets within the AF Supply Chain. DSD provided program management oversight ensuring interoperable LIMS-EV requirements for enterprise use, integrating data across 60 data sources and multiple functions (weapon system management, supply, munitions) across the full lifecycle of NWRM assets.


HQ AF/A4 Integration & Logistics Management and Mission Support
# GS-10F-0319K
NAICS: 541611
PSC:  R408
Contact: Mr. Jeff Hotmar