Reliant Focus Joint Venture, LLC (RFJV) is a Small Business Administration (SBA) and approved All Small Mentor Protégé Program participant with a compliant joint venture agreement between the 8(a) protégé (Steel Point Solutions, LLC), and the mentor (DSD Laboratories, Inc.).  The Reliant Focus Joint Venture brings a broad range of services and complementary expertise, giving us the capability to be responsive to varied and complex  task orders. We bring a responsive operations team comprised of our business development, capture, proposal, and talent acquisition services. Our solutions are based on industry best practices,  repeatable quality standards, and delivered by highly qualified personnel with specific understanding of what is required to respond to, deliver, and manage IT services awarded to our company. 

LifeCycle Solutions JV (LCS) is a small business formed in June 2017 as a mentor-protégé joint venture between DSD Laboratories, Inc. (DSD) and Illumination Works, LLC (ILW) with the purpose of merging high quality, complimentary capabilities to provide unmatched, value-add lifecycle services and solutions to the Government. LCS has extensive experience assisting Air Force logistics with program management, development, integration, migration, sustainment, and training of legacy and modernized systems in Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Cloud One and GovCloud environments.  LCS is a prime on the Air Force Small Business Enterprise Applications Solutions (SBEAS) vehicle.

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