Network Administration / Helpdesk Operations

It System Administrator

Network Administration:  Our personnel perform duties in operations support, customer outreach, including support for design, network maintenance, and computer networking along with telecommunication systems. Our personnel install, configure, and maintain physical servers and virtual computer servers for our customers and determine impact of advancing technology on the network.  Our network administrators are certified Microsoft Certified System Engineers, Cisco Certified Network Associates, and Certified System Administrators. DSD Laboratories has the expertise to provide:

  • Network monitoring.  Test the network for performance or security weaknesses, mange updates whether brought about through normal software updates, TCNOs, or network issues. Monitor network traffic for security issues and/or bottlenecks.
  • Network maintenance.  Implement security programs/patches and internet filters to control email and other connectivity to the network.  Maintain the network management software as well as evaluate new management software for viability in supporting our customer’s network.
  • Account Administration.  Develop and implement quality processes to activate, update and deactivate accounts and permissions when appropriate.

These skills enable:

  • Rapid recognition and remediation of network bottlenecks
  • Early identification of potential issues in planning network updates
  • Constant vigilance for existing and emerging threats
  • High quality monitoring and fine tuning the network
  • Development of tactics, techniques and procedures necessary to detect, evaluate, and respond to exploitation, degradation, or destruction attempts of networks

Customer benefits:

  • Updated and securely running network operating at required performance levels
  • Avoidance of network degradation due to poor network performance tuning
  • Increased availability of networks due to well-planned network updates
  • Repeatable tactics, techniques and procedures to detect, evaluate and respond to network incidents

Help Desk Operation:  DSD Laboratories personnel provide Tier 1 through 3 helpdesk support.  DSD has experiencing using most of the best-in-breed helpdesk support systems (for example, Remedy) to document and track system problems, customer calls, and resolution/closure of problems.  To ensure they have the skills to support the user communities, our helpdesk personnel are (as a minimum) Security Plus and Network Plus certified.

DSD Laboratories helpdesk personnel have experience supporting a diverse range of user communities; cutting edge research, classified command and control systems, and unclassified combat support systems.  In each capacity, they provide tailored support to each unique user community to resolve problems to the end user’s satisfaction; the team will monitor and respond to requests received through the IT Helpdesk, assign priority (based on urgency or impact of problem) and escalate problems to POCs if unresolved, and document issues throughout the process.Helpdesk

DSD personnel have developed CMMI Level 3 processes and procedures for handling helpdesk calls.  They assist users with onboarding and ensure user issues–complex or simple–are handled as quickly as possible.

These skills enable technical excellence:

  • Functional subject matter system expertise
  • Technical analytic proficiency
  • Ability to prioritize problems

Customer benefits:

  • Operational-related issues quickly handled by personnel thoroughly familiar with what the user community really needs to do
  • System-related issues resolved by technical experts fully versed in the system being supported
  • Rapid requirement analysis, issue resolution and query response with all matters made visible to users and tracked through closure
  • Critical issues worked immediately