System / Database Administration


System Database Admin

DSD Laboratories provides system and database administrators to support numerous systems across a broad spectrum of functional capabilities – logistics, force protection, medical, financial, chaplain systems, etc. Our personnel maintain and optimize the processing environment on a computer system. Our personnel configure the system and maintain the configuration baseline, create user accounts and security profiles,install system software,allocate storage, and ensure the system is free from viruses and other malware. Our systems administrators come from diverse backgrounds of computer operations support. Many have supported mainframe, client-service, N-Tier, and web services as well as the Standard Desktop Configuration and Mobile Devices and Applications. Our personnel understand how to maintain a computer system, perform preventive maintenance, install software, catalog computer files, resolve database problems and perform backup and recovery functions. DSD system administration experts plan, coordinate and implement software version changes and use utility tools to monitor elements of the system such as memory, central processing unit (CPU) and program errors generated from a system or software problem. They monitor system performance, availability, and perform preventative maintenance to ensure system meets operational performance and availability requirements.


These skills enable technical excellence:

  • Support for  mainframe COBOL, Oracle, Sybase, SQL, and other specialized data environments used in advanced Space Vehicle and Directed Energy Research.

  • Successful data and metadata capture, data schema and interface development.

  • Analysis of the application ability to meet reporting and transaction requirements and allows us to proposed and implement database designs.

  • Ability to successfully implement physical structure and functional capabilities, database security, back-up procedures, and recovery specification.

  • Expertise in new database versions installation, data structure, propose data workflow, and optimize data access.

  • Experts in Database Performance Tuning, Database Security, Process Improvement, Problem Solving, Technical Information presentation, Quality Focus, Database Management, and Data Maintenance.

Customer benefits:

  • High availability of system, applications, and database.

  • Maintain highest quality of data accuracy, availability, and data integrity.