Web / Portal Development Support

DSD Laboratories has expertise in web and portal development for many different DoD functional communities and understands that each community will have unique requirements – disparate geographic location of users, sensitive data, low bandwidth requirements, large file processing, etc.

Web / Portal DevelopmentDSD Laboratories is experienced at providing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to support portal content, leveraging Enterprise Services, Extract, Transform, [removed] Load (ETL) Tools, Business Intelligence Products, and Rich Internet Application to develop a wealth of information resources for the user communities. Our developers are familiar with SQL which is essential for developing web pages that will connect to the SQL database.  Our personnel are adept at the agile development methodology which calls for quick releases of capability in short bursts and in doing so get capability to our customers quickly.  We provide a new look and feel to legacy systems that provide the visualization for which our clients are looking. New web interfaces are one of the top priorities of our web developers.  This means making web pages look and feel the way our customers want them.  Our personnel test the web pages/web service to ensure it runs correctly and meets functionality when it is deployed to the operational environment.

These skills enable technical excellence:

  • Personnel are experts in Java, .NET, ColdFusion, Rich Internet Application and other modern web programming techniques and products.
  • Extensive support experience in data and metadata capture and ontological vocabulary development while assisting with the implementation of Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Well practiced in using ColdFusion to connect html pages to a legacy database.

Customer benefits:

  • Varied technologies and architectures pose no issue to DSD’s ability to support
  • Diverse experience ensures full understanding of multiple systems and enhances speed and accuracy of development activities
  • Legacy systems modernized while retaining all needed functionality and access to data